About Flock & Herd

Taxidermy it is an art form dating back to the 17th century.  The golden age of taxidermy was during the Victorian era, when mounted animals became a popular part of interior design and décor, but the art form has also preserved fine examples of natural history from around the world.


Flock & Herd has built up a diverse collection over the last decade, demonstrating vast knowledge in species, availability and the legalities with importing from across the globe.


With access to a number of antique examples of endangered species preserved for the future rather than hidden away in museums, specimens range from African, American, European, including mammals, birds, reptiles, large cats and marine life.


Flock & Herd takes pride in supplying specimens that are sourced from ethical suppliers. Most are captivity bred in zoos or come from government culling programs. There is a huge collection to choose from and if it is not in stock we can assist with finding it and shipping it to you.


Flock & Herd also offers items for hire e.g.  filming prop requirements, special events or education and also supplies curios, oddities and glass display domes and cases. Currently only available in the Queenstown area.


Flock & Herd is always looking for interesting items to buy from single items to full collections.